Goodall Design F18 Decksweeper

Just when we all thought the F18 boats had reached the boundary of innovation, the last F18 Worlds has proven that we can never take this for granted!

Production Statement

Goodall Design has found itself in the unfortunate situation where we have not been able to deliver boats (C2 and VIPER2) to our valued customers in time for the start of European season.   We are devastated that this is having a huge impact, not only to these sailors, but to the events in which these sailors would have normally participated.  It is because of this that we feel it necessary to publicly explain the situation.

Ex Charter C2s for sale

Goodall Design will have a very limited number of charter boat packages for sale after the Worlds in Denmark.

North America - New C2 Packages Available!!!

Goodall Design North American distributor, Fun in the Sun, has put together an amazing boat, accommodation food and coaching package for the 2017 North American Championships in Long Beach California!!!

Wonderful Season

Great seasonal report from Goodall Design Team Saiors Pierre Le Clainche & Antoine Joubert!!

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