Ex Charter C2s for sale

Goodall Design will have a very limited number of charter boat packages for sale after the Worlds in Denmark.

Wonderful Season

Great seasonal report from Goodall Design Team Saiors Pierre Le Clainche & Antoine Joubert!!

2017 European Special!

Be among the first in the world to receive a new 2017 C2 or the brand new VIPER2.

Dealers throughout Europe are offering Super Specials on all pre-ordered 2017 model Viper2 and C2s.

New for 2017

 At Goodall Design, we pride ourselves in producing the most evolved and complete catamarans on the market.

In addition to the exciting new 2017 Viper Facelift, 2017 will see a few changes to some other Goodall Design products.

2017 Viper Facelift

Since 2008, Goodall Design has produced almost 300 VIPER catamarans and sold these into over 20 countries around the world. Now, after almost 9 years, the Viper is getting a new look.

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