Production Statement

Goodall Design has found itself in the unfortunate situation where we have not been able to deliver boats (C2 and VIPER2) to our valued customers in time for the start of European season.   We are devastated that this is having a huge impact, not only to these sailors, but to the events in which these sailors would have normally participated.  It is because of this that we feel it necessary to publicly explain the situation.

In June 2016 – CMI – Goodall Design’s hull manufacturer in Thailand closed down.  Even though we had a fairly good idea that this was about to happen, they did not officially notify us until late June, early July.  CMI also manufactured NACRAs, Phantom and RS Dinghies so the impact of this closure was wide spread.

We immediately commenced working with Element 6 – a new hull manufacturer in Thailand who we were confident had the technical knowledge to produce our boats.  We also had a long standing good relationship with the two directors of this company.  We worked closely with them to get moulds out of CMI, maintenance carried out and additional tooling manufactured in preparation for production.  By November 2016, Element 6 was confident that they could produce the hulls & foils we required for the European Season.    When Brett Goodall visited Thailand just after Christmas, he could see that Element 6 was concentrating on Goodall Design project.

It appears that sometime during January/February, World Sailing approached Element 6 directly with an ultimatum – a near-impossible deadline for the new foiling NACRA 17 must be met, or production would be taken elsewhere. This intimidation tactic had the desired effect, causing Element 6 to push aside Goodall Design’s production in favour of the World Sailing catamaran.

When we realised that this had happened, Brett Goodall immediately headed to Thailand to push production of our hulls & foils.  Over the last 2 months he has been working closely with the Directors of Element 6 and up until early May, was confident that we could still manage to get the new F18’s delivered before the coming World Titles in Denmark and the new VIPER 2’s delivered soon after.

All the componentry (mast, sails, rigging etc) had been completed months earlier and is now waiting in our Belgium warehouse for the hulls and foils. 

During the week commencing Monday May 8, Element 6 had a visit from World Sailing.  On Friday May 12 Brett was informed by the directors of Element 6 that due to pressure from World Sailing they were stopping all work on Goodall Design hulls to concentrate on NACRA 17 production until after May 31.  This has made it impossible for us to deliver new F18’s and VIPER 2’s as per our previous commitment.

We are devastated that we are letting down these sailors.

We are absolutely outraged at the Directors of Element 6 for their treatment of us. 

But more importantly, words cannot express how disgusted we are in World Sailing… An organisation that is supposed to represent ALL sailors.  From our perspective it appears that they have pressured a manufacturer to support the small minority of elite sailors at the expense of the everyday sailor. The impact of this will be evident to the catamaran sailing community over the coming months. 

Goodall Design is a small family business who for over 40 years has prided itself in supporting catamaran sailors at all level of the sport – from casual weekend sailors to world class sailors.  Our commitment has always been to supply sailors, with the best product we can at an affordable price. 

Goodall Design would like to take the opportunity to thank its very valued dealers and customers who have already shown a huge level of support – This has been greatly appreciated.   To our valued customers who have orders with us – Please accept our sincere apology.  You are our first priority.  We aim to get the hulls to complete your boats to you as soon as physically possible.

Please note that this issue is only affecting delivery of hulls and foils into Europe.  We are still in the full production of sails, rigging etc.  Orders for complete boats into USA and Australia are now being taken.

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