About the G14

Goodall Design is proud to introduce our new G14 catamaran. The Goodall G14 combines decades of racing experience with ultimate simplicity. At 4.3m (14ft) and a range of rig configurations, the Goodall G14 will meet the need of any sailor who just wants to get on the water.


Fun, simple and fast

The Goodall G14 is sailing in the purest form and simplicity is the key. It’s about you, the wind, the water and going fast.

Ultra buoyant hulls give the G14 the ability to efficiently handle crew weights of up to 200 kg and it's light weight makes the boat responsive for a couple of young guns wanting to go fast.


Sailing on your terms

The G14 brings sailors that sports car excitement on the water, without having to spend hours rigging and maintaining their boat.

Designed to carry up to two on trapeze and sailed with any combination of main / jib / spinnaker, you can customise your G14 to meet your needs.

Cutting edge design meets historical concept

Combining the round bottom of a wave-piercing hull shape with a hydrodynamic skeg, produces a hull shape that is low-drag, provides great grip and can be sailed as hard as any catamaran on the market.

The chiselled foredeck chines reduce wetted surface area and improves nose dive recovery - should the G14 be pushed hard.


Sails up and go sailing

Rigging the G14 is about as easy as it comes; simply stand the mast, pull up the sails and go for it.