C2 F18

The C2 has been discontinued in 2021 and replaced with the Akurra F18. All parts and service for the C2 are all still available from Goodall Design.


The Formula 18 class is one of the biggest and most professional class in the world, with consistently over 100 boats at the World Championships. Goodall Design is proud to have the most advanced F18 on the market.

The Goodall C2 is a no excuse racing machine

With over 30 years of catamaran design experience and the latest in design software, we have combined knowledge from our original CAPRICORN, VIPER and many other high performance designs to create the Goodall C2.

The Goodall C2 is the racing machine for those who what to push hard. Incorporating wave-piercing technology, the high volume bows provide a stability that allows sailors to drive the boat harder and faster with confidence.

Highly precise gybing centerboards increase upwind angles and decrease hull drag. This coupled with the fully battened self-tacking jib, fully integrated wing mast and mainsail, gives teams the up wind advantage.

Push Harder

Traveling at high speed is all about drag reduction; and when the C2 lights up you know you are traveling at high speed. The C2 rig is designed to balance drag reduction and power generation so you have the best velocity output.

A high speed boat needs responsive control. Not only do our Goodall Design low drag rudders provide ultimate grip at high speeds, but also provide amazing low speed maneuvering for those start line duels.

Sail Faster

The C2 Control systems put this speed machine firmly in the palm of your hand. 16:1 cascading downhaul, 10:1 mainsheet and top end running gear as standard, give you ultimate system control over your racing machine.

Don’t be left behind, the C2 is waiting to bring your sailing to the next level.

Deck Sweeper Options

In 2017 Goodall Design was the first manufacture to develop the Deck Sweeper sail package. The Deck sweeper increases the efficiency of the mainsail by increasing the aspect ratio (longer luff, shorter foot) and decreases drag across the foot by using the “endplate effect” from the tramp.


Since this time all leading F18 have switched to the Deck Sweepers.

The C2 is available with Standard sails or Deck Sweeper sails. But don’t worry, would will be able to use either sail whenever you like. The mast/boom fitting allow for either sail and boom to be used at any time with no extra work to be done!!!

Tech Specs


Designer - Greg Goodall

Length - 5.5m / 18ft

Beam - 2.6m / 8.5ft

Mast - 9.1m / 30ft

Weight - 180kg / 397lb

Mainsail - 17 m² / 183 ft²

Jib - 4.15 m² / 45 ft²

Spinnaker - 21 m² / 226 ft²



Hulls - Glass Epoxy

Foils - Carbon Epoxy

Spars, Beams, Mast - Aluminium

Where to buy

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