Foiling VIPER

We are very happy and proud to present you the Foiling VIPER convertible!

We have made our VIPER foil, following three years of sailing and sales we have enjoyed easy, stable and fast foiling, both up and down wind! Have a look at our pictures and videos. In Australia Vanquish sailing and Beau White/Emma Rankin have placed a large volume of media online and campaigned the boats successfully in foiling and F16 displacement modes.

The current F16 Australian National title holder is a convertible foiling Viper, its that good in both modes!

For the foiling setup, the Z foils are positioned in front of the sidestays, just behind the main beam. The foils come exit the hull outside the centerline for better foiling performance! The rudders feature a rake control and differential rake similar to A class and Nacra 17 .The T rudders have a removable elevator on the bottom that can be quickly removed to sail the boat in displacement mode.

The VIPER is now available in two versions: foiling convertible version for foiling and floating mode and standard displacement mode Viper F16 compliant.

Why have we chosen for a foiling VIPER convertible with two types of cases? Because we don’t want to make any compromises!

The straight centerboard case stays at the exact same spot as it was in the past, and gives you perfect performance and balance and keeps your boat Viper one design compliant. When sailing in floating mode, perfectly fitting plates will make sure the foiling case is closed and the hull keeps his hydrodynamic quality.

When in foiling mode, the off centre foiling case located forward offers all the benefits of a pure foiler design for Z foils. Both configurations can be sailed without having one option compromising the other. It gives you the best of both worlds!

Production of the next batch of foiling VIPERs and foiling VIPERs convertible is running and first deliveries are planned in April/May 2024

Foiling VIPER convertible:
The foiling VIPER convertible is an all-inclusive package! It will come with Z boards, T rudders and both classic and foiling centercases. On top of the foiling features, you will also get an additional package included to be able to sail the VIPER in class legal F16 floating mode and Viper one design. This package will include straight centerboards, plates to close case not in use, second spinnaker for floating mode and a kit for the rudders.

Thi converitible Foiling Viper is the ultimate one boat quiver that fulfills the mantra of Learn - Race - Foil : One boat. 



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