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F16 Class Association

VIPER / F16 Decksweeper Statement

The Viper is without a doubt the fastest 5m catamaran on the planet. Since its launch, it has won virtually every championship from Asia, America and Europe.


In 2017 the VIPER received a face lift. The Underwater shape stayed the same, but the foredeck received some new Sporty lines - see more here

The Goodall VIPER is the versatile Sports Car that can be sailed either 1 or 2 up. By simply leaving the jib off, sailors have the ability to sail and race if their crew is not available.

Versatile Sailing

With over 30 years of catamaran design experience and the latest in design software, the VIPER was designed for sailor teams who were too light for the F18 or wanted the versatility of solo sailing.

Ideal for mixed or youth teams, the VIPER is light and responsive in every aspect and this will give you the speed and excitement usually reserved for the bigger boats of the fleet - and you’ll beat them across the line in most cases too.

The VIPER platform is also the ideal Solo Spinnaker boat. Simply leave off the jib and pull up your solo sail and you are ready to enjoy the boat on your own. See the news article on our new Solo sail here

The Goodall VIPER is the ultimate sports car

Its Epoxy construction makes for a durable, long-lasting boat and EVA deck grip means you and your crew will move with confidence around the platform.

Highly precise gybing centerboards increase upwind angles and decrease hull drag. This coupled with the fully battened self-tacking jib, fully integrated wing mast and mainsail gives teams the up wind advantage. 

From the box ready to race

All VIPERs (all Goodall boats for that matter) are delivered to you ready to hit the water. We use high quality colour coded dyneema/spectra lines through out. All halyards are tapered from the factory.

The VIPER Control systems are ideal for comfortable sailing; 16:1 cascading downhaul, 10:1 mainsheet and top end Harken running gear make the controls of the VIPER as light and easy as possible
The Viper is the ultimate sports car, don’t settle for anything else.

Tech Specs


Designer - Greg Goodall

Length - 5.0m / 16.4ft

Beam - 2.5m / 8.2ft

Mast - 8.5m / 28ft

Weight - 129kg / 284lb

Mainsail15 m² / 162 ft²

Jib3.7 m² / 40 ft²

Spinnaker17.5 m² / 188 ft²



Hulls - Glass Epoxy

Foils - Carbon Epoxy

Spars, Beams, Mast - Aluminium

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