VIPER / F16 Decksweeper Statement

F16 Decksweeper update - its legal in Australia
The F16 Australian Association has gone through the motions with the international committee and they have passed the following:
"The F16 Executive Committee decided that the Australian F16 Class will be allowed to use DS sails for the period of one year unless an amendment of the rules before the end of that period will affect this regulation. In turn, the International class Association will receive detailed reports on how those sails perform in comparison to the standard sails, about how it affects the abilities of the crew and how the DS sails might change leisure and club sailing."
So its time to do what you wanted to do. Get your new sails and sail them til they are worn out in 12 months. Go single-handed in 25 knots, burn upwind at 15 knots double handed. Put on the standard cut to take mom for a Sunday cruise to church. You have it all now!
Great review on the National Website version 1 from 2019 here and a revised version 2 here
We are the new F16 fleet, rising from the smouldering ashes of 2018. We will be racing in massive fleets learning from the Big Dogs on F18s and we are updating our boats to the latest sail tech.
This is a very exciting time to be a F16 sailor - if you like change and healthy competition. Great boats, great people. ROLL ON SUMMER Lets go shredding and tell your friendly committee member how it goes!