Viper Convertible
Viper Convertible

Viper Convertible

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25 knot white knuckle foiler or the top F16 to win a regatta. You can have both with one boat.

Complete Viper Convertible

Full set of F16 compliant Sails - Deck Sweeper Main, Jib, Spinnaker.

Foiling Specific Spinnaker

Foiling rudders and main foils.

Rudder rake and differential control.

Conversion kit for F16 mode, blanking plates and rudder ends to replace winglets

Rudder rake and differential system

Main foil rake adjustable by bolts (not on the fly)

F16 Daggerboards and Daggerboard case blanking sections

F16 Rudders and gudgeons (Viper standard)

Complete Harken fitout - ready to race.



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